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Taareekh 1


Tas-Heelut Taa-Reekh 1

This is the first volume in the history made easy series. Adam (AS) was the first-person Allah created in the heavens then Allah commanded the angles to make sajdah(prostration) to Adam (AS). Allah send Adam (AS) and Hawwa (RA) to the earth where they can worship Allah. The disobedience of the people of Noah (AS) led to the destruction of his people after 950 years. Allah sent floods to destroy them. Ibraaheem (AS) is a prophet of Allah that was sent to guide the people and stop them from worshiping idols. The people rejected his calling towards Allah. Ibraaheem (AS) sacrificed his son Ismail (AS) by the orders of Allah. Allah sent a ram from the heavens in place of his son Ismail (AS). Yoosuf (AS) brothers then threw him in a well and sold Yoosuf (AS) as a slave in Egypt. Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.) character was the best among mankind

ISBN: 1-919942-03-3
Year Published: 2004
Publisher: JUT Publishing
Pages: 50
1st floor, Baitul Hamd
32 Dolly Rathebe Road
Fordsburg, South Africa


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