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Fiqh 5


Tas-heelul fiqh 5

This is the fifth volume in the Fiqh made easy series. It entitles the basic conditions of najaasah (impure). The rules regarding water and when its allowed to use water. Virtues of making wudu (ablution) and how to perform it correctly. There are curtain acts that should be done when making wudu (ablution). The acts that do or don’t break wudu (ablution). It explains when one should make tayammum (ablution using purified sand or dust). It describes when the salaah is makroohaat (disliked) for a person when performing salaah(prayer). It educates the student on how to perform salaah and what should be read during salaah.

ISBN: 1-919942-21-1
Year Published: 2006
Publisher: JUT Publishing
Pages: 81
1st floor, Baitul Hamd
32 Dolly Rathebe Road
Fordsburg, South Africa

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